Fiber Optic Link Pair Certification. PAIR mode is the fastest, easiest, and most innovative way to certify a fiber pair at up to two wavelengths simultaneously, including length measurement with each test, since bi-directional testing is not required by cabling standards; i.e. test direction does not matter.

PAIR mode is twice as fast as bi-directional link certification and much less confusing.
Testing bi-directionally requires a two-step process: test in one direction, swap fiber ports, then test in the other direction. PAIR mode cuts testing time in half by eliminating the second (not required) direction, and keeps things simple by eliminating the often-confusing and error-prone step of swapping fiber ports.

PAIR mode is twice as fast as traditional link certification.
Traditional link certification certifies one fiber at a time. PAIR mode tests two fibers at a time, significantly speeding up the certification process. In addition, PAIR mode allows length measurement with each test, something that traditional link certification cannot do.

The Link Wizard in the Fiber OWL 7 uses attenuation parameters from popular cabling standards to certify fiber links, and shows complete PASS/FAIL test results for both fibers at both wavelengths, all on the same screen, right in the field.